Freetime Beer Co.

Freetime was born in 2019 after we agreed to rebrand our brewery as part of the settlement of a trademarking dispute we had been involved in with another UK brewery, you can read about it here.

The name Freetime poped up pretty quickly when we started discussing the rebrand and it fit so nicely. We run this business in the small amount of free time we have between out day jobs so it made sense.

The best part of a rebrand is you get to change the things that didn't work the first time and double down on the things that did. We moved away from glass bottles in favour of cans, along with the majority of the industry, which changed the packaging aesthetic a great deal.

We had built up some decent momentum by of 2019 but as was true for most small business around the world we were not ready for a global pandemic. We had to destroy a considerable amount of kegged beer in October 2020 because it was past it's sell by date, this was a major financial setbac.  

It has been difficult to justify the cost of restarting fulltime production so we have been doing small releases and collaborations to keep the brand alive. We currently have a few possible avenues to a full reboot that we are investigating, stay tuned.     

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Period 2019-Present
Categories Naming, Brand Identity, Visual Design, Packaging Design, Merchandising, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Side Hustle

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